Starting Rates

Below are the rates for a standard character commission:

$45 US – One Character, line art with full color

Character is defined as a person, place, or thing that is the focal point of the art. Minor props (such as a single not-too-complicated background element, foreground objects the character is interacting with by holding, sitting, leaning on, etc.), costume elements, and character's equipment are included.

+ $20 US – Research and Revision fee

When ordering, bring references. The exception is if the commission is fan art – but if I cannot find references with a quick image search, then a research and revision fee may apply.

+ $20 US – NSFW fee

There is an extra charge for drawing nude content. I am fine with drawing weird stuff and most fetishes, but I have a small list of things I will not draw. We can discuss this during the ordering process

Other Commissions

If you are interested in other types of commissioned worked, feel free to inquire during the ordering process

Ordering a Commission

What You Need

  1. An Email Account – orders are placed through email correspondence.
  2. A Paypal Account – Payments are currently handled through Paypal Only

The Process

Step 1: Decide what you want! It will help me with a timely turn-around on a commission if you do a bit a bit of research on your own and save you money. I recommend setting up a folder on Pintrest or other social image-sharing site (Flickr, DeviantArt's, and others). Many of these websites allow for private folders, too. That way you can just share it just with me and not the rest of the web.

Step 2: Email Me. Here is what I need:

  1. A brief description of what you want (One to Two paragraphs).
  2. Links to any reference material (providing references saves you money!)
  3. Whether or not the commission is NSFW.
  4. Your Paypal Email address.

Step 3: Respond. I will get back to you quickly (usually within 48 hours). If everything looks good, you will receive a quote for the commission along with an anticipated deadline (typically a month, to leave room for communication and revisions). I might have questions before a quote or deadline is available. If you take quite a while to get back to me (over a week), I will assume that you are no longer interested in commissioning me.

Step 4: Pay up front. Once you agree to my quote, I will send a Paypal invoice. No work will begin until the invoice is paid in full. The Paypal invoice will include the Terms of Service and serve as a valid contract protecting both parties.

Step 5: Sketch Approval. I will email you a low-resolution image of the rough sketch for your approval. All major revisions must be done at this stage. By major, I mean stuff that takes a lot of work to correct later, such as changing the pose or outfit. If you do not get back to me within a week, I am assuming everything is good and will finish the art.

Step 6: Final Approval. You will be sent an image for final approval. Minor tweaks (such as adjusting color balance or super-simple backgrounds) are allowed. If you do not get back to me within a week, I am assuming everything is good and will deliver the high-resolution art. Major revisions at this stage will be invoiced as a new commission.

Step 7: Delivery: The finished art will be delivered in jpg format in final print resolution via email. If you require a different file format (such as a png with a clear background), it will be provided upon request. The working document (such as a layered PSD file) will not be available due to file size constraints.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service applies to all commissions and is included with the invoice. Corporate clients may receive a different Terms of Service depending on negotiations.

By paying the invoice, you agree to the following:

Copyright: Copyright is retained by the artist. The commissioner receives an exclusive license to distribute or modify the artwork. The artwork cannot be resold as-is or as part of an art collection, but may be resold as part of a different product. The artist receives a license for any original content of the commissioner used in the commission to be used for self-promotion of the artist. The artist will not resell copies of the artwork except as part of a larger body of work (such as an art book). The artist is allowed to redistribute a lower resolution version of the artwork online for the purpose of self-promotion and in agreement to the terms of service of a website it is uploaded to.

Delivery: The commissioner recognizes that what is being provided is a service as well as digital content delivered via the web and not eligible for a refund. Content is delivered as-is.

TR:DL: You acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Service as part of the invoice and claiming that you did not read the terms of service is not grounds for a refund.

No warranty, expressed or implied.